As a PR professional, your lifeblood is to gain publicity for your brand through earned media. All those mentions and impressions across digital and television channels build validity in your audience’s eyes and more importantly, trust. Your consumers will likely base their judgments and buying decisions off your earned media coverage more than your own advertising.

If earned media is so powerful, then why isn’t it being measured like paid media traditionally has been? For decades, marketing and advertising professionals have relied on concrete data to prove solid ROI around their efforts. The same can’t exactly be said for PR professionals, but now it’s time to follow suit.

Join Katie Russell, PR industry expert andVice President of Customer Service at iQ Media, as she demonstrates the full value of earned media, from the data you should be tracking, to the metrics that can deliver success and demonstrate ROI for your communications program in higher education.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to assess your media footprint across all channels to obtain data from your earned media coverage
  • How to adopt a new and consistent measurement approach to track consumer behavior
  • What metrics will best prove earned media ROI
  • Real-life use cases for higher ed communication professionals including brand management, crisis management, recruiting, fundraising, and the value of corporate brand sponsorships

This episode is sponsored by PRSA's Counselors to Higher Education

Episode Host

Andrea Boyle Tippett

Director of External Relations, University of Delaware


Katie Russell

Katie serves as Vice President of Customer Service at iQ Media, responsible for ensuring client success through the areas of onboarding, technical support, product development as well as leading the analyst team working with clients to gaining deep actionable insights into the success of their marketing and PR campaigns.  Prior to joining iQ in 2013, Katie held several positions in product and client services over a period of 10 years at Vocus, Inc.