Do any of these scenarios apply to you?
  1. You redesigned your website a couple of years ago. For a while, everything was great — you had a nice bank of photographs, videos, and stories ready to accompany the launch and keep your site fresh. Now, you’re wondering whether the design and content have gotten stale.
  2. You know you won’t have the budget for a full-site redesign for a few years, but you’re worried that your site isn’t memorable, and your institution won’t stand out from every other school that’s knocking on prospective students’ doors.
  3. You’ve tried, maybe more than once, to get buy-in for a full .edu redesign. A plan from a trusted third-party expert in higher education marketing would help gain the internal support required for a large-scale project and provide your digital team with specific recommendations to help bridge the gap.

If so, it’s time for a site checkup. 

mStoner’s site checkup provides objective feedback and gives you and your team actionable information for improving your site immediately and identifying priorities for long-term development. In reviewing your institution’s site, the mStoner team looks at overall user experience, site structure and navigation, visual design, content, photography, multimedia, actionability, and any information we can glean from your current analytics.

100% of mStoner’s site checkup clients receive the green light from senior leadership to pursue marketing-critical web projects.

You’re just four weeks away from a roadmap toward:
  • Better alignment of your site’s visual design and user experience with your institution’s brand
  • Improved content on your site that will result in:
    • More time spent on your site and increased page views per session
    • Increased conversions on key calls-to-action: requesting information, visiting campus, applying, and donating


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Article Author

Mallory Willsea

Mallory Willsea

Executive Producer
Director of Marketing and Business Developement, mStoner, Inc.

Mallory Willsea brings more than a decade of marketing, digital, and enrollment marketing experience to Higher Ed Live and mStoner. Mallory serves as the main point of contact for Higher Ed Live sponsors. As head of marketing and sales for mStoner, Mallory develops the firm's marketing strategy and works with potential clients to identify right-fit solutions.


Mallory Willsea

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