TikTok is a powerful storytelling tool. But it takes some time and creative thinking to figure out how to include in your higher ed marketing strategies.

In this Higher Ed Live broadcast, we’ll talk to Campus Sonar CEO Liz Gross about the platform, how schools are using it, why schools should use it and how her research into the platform has kept her up way past her bedtime. Jessica DiLuglio, from Rochester Institute of Technology, is managing RIT’s successful TikTok channel and will join the discussion to share what content works, what doesn’t work, and what’s up next for his TikTok content calendar.

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This episode is sponsored by Campus Sonar

Episode Host

Andrew Cassel

Andrew Cassel

Andrew Cassel has been creating and curating social media content for the University of Alaska Fairbanks since 2011. Cassel is a five-time winner of Aurora Awards of Excellence from the Public Relations Society of America – Alaska including the 2018 Grand Award of Excellence. Cassel has also presented about social media content best practices to the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce, Alaska Democrats, Perseverance Theatre, as part of the Transportation Communicators webinar series, at the American Geophysical Union 2018 annual fall meeting, as part of the HigherEd Experts 2018 and 2019 Higher Ed Content conferences, the 2019 eduWeb Digital Summit as well as at the 2017 and 2018 Higher Ed Web annual conferences.


Dr. Liz Gross

Dr. Liz Gross is a data-driven researcher and scholar who specializes in creating entrepreneurial social media strategies in higher education. Her professional super power is to embolden colleges and universities and help them launch modern market research strategies using social listening. Teaching is Liz’s passion and she brings that to colleges and universities as the founder and CEO of Campus Sonar, a specialized social listening agency that matches high-value social media intelligence and engagement opportunities to organizational strategic initiatives.


Jessica DiLuglio

As RIT’s Senior Social Media Specialist, Jess DiLuglio is responsible for content creation and social media customer service for RIT’s top level accounts.

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