With more colleges and universities experiencing enrollment challenges, the need to understand current marketing and enrollment trends has never been greater. In this broadcast, you’ll hear from some of the strongest and most influential voices within higher ed as they discuss the state of the higher ed landscape with a specific focus on marketing and enrollment operations.


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Episode Host

Joe Sallustio

Joe Sallustio

Joe Sallustio is the Chief Operations Officer with Claremont Lincoln University (CLU). CLU is a regionally accredited, non-profit, 100% online university offering socially conscious Masters degrees to students engaging in positive social change. As COO, Joe works diligently to broadcast the mission of CLU, which is to treat others as you would like to be treated (the Golden Rule), and to champion the skills of mindfulness, dialogue, collaboration, and change and their relevance for the 21st-century leadership workforce. Prior to his role at CLU, Joe worked for 15 years in the for-profit college and university sector with institutions that offered a certificate to doctoral level educational options. Joe has expertise working with both nationally accredited and regionally accredited institutions. Joe earned a Bachelor of Science in Speech Communications from the State University of New York College at Oneonta, a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Regis University, and is currently pursuing his Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership at Northcentral University. Joe has a deep passion for higher education and consistently challenges traditionalism.


Amrit Ahluwalia

Amrit is the Managing Editor of The EvoLLLution, the online newspaper developed by Destiny Solutions to create a conversation hub focused on non-traditional higher education and the transforming postsecondary marketplace. Ahluwalia was part of the team that conceived of and launched The EvoLLLution. The EvoLLLution, which launched in January 2012, serves over 1800 contributors and attracts approximately 60,000 monthly visitors. The site publishes articles and interviews by some of the industry’s leading thinkers at every level — from presidents and provosts to deans and directors to educators and students to employers and government officials and everyone in-between — from across the United States and around the world. Ahluwalia works personally with every contributor at The EvoLLLution to produce the content that has supported the site’s rise to becoming the top resource for non-traditional higher education. He regularly speaks on topics related to the changing higher education environment at conferences across Canada and the United States. Ahluwalia earned his BA (Honors) in Political Studies from Queen’s University and his MA in International Politics from McMaster University. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.


Maxine Seya

Maxine Seya quit corporate America to start SocratesPost, an Amber Grant-winning subscription newsletter delivering US higher ed insights to the world. A journalist by training, she wrote for CNN and HuffPost before working as a college consultant and test prep instructor. Maxine is a US State Dept. featured speaker and Northwestern alum. When not responding to emails, she’s out exploring the world with her husband.


Elvin Freytes

Elvin has have worked for several institutions such as Michigan State University, University of California Berkeley, Columbia University, Boston University, Northeastern University, New York Academy of Art, the Manhattan School of Music, Mildred Elley College and, currently, at Touro College. He has lived in China where he taught English and was a college consultant. Elvin has also traveled extensively throughout China and has visited many countries such as Australia, Italy, England, Brazil, Egypt, and Chile. He has over 15 years of experience in the higher education field and he brings a wide range of expertise such as international student recruitment, admissions, college consulting, housing, financial aid, and academic and student affairs. Elvin earned his Master’s degree in Student Personnel Administration from Teachers College, Columbia University in New York and his Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Northeastern University in Boston.


Joe Sallustio

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