Excellent customer service is the most significant influence on consumer brand perception. Great customer service increases repeat-purchases, customer retention, and allows an organization more pricing-flexibility because customers will gladly pay more for an experience that is not only functionally but emotionally rewarding. Positive service culture can result in lower employee turn-over. Learn how to develop positive service culture through engaging and innovative training techniques from expert Shigeo James Iwamiya.


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Episode Host

Amy Jorgensen

Amy Jorgensen

Amy L Jorgensen specializes in developing a digital presence and consumer engagement strategies for brand awareness and customer acquisition. She is the Director of Marketing for Georgia State University College of Law. She has developed marketing strategies and directed implementation for the University of Virginia, Michigan State University, University of Michigan, University of Florida, and Walt Disney World. Amy has a B.S. in Business Marketing from the University of Florida and is a University of Florida MBA Candidate. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her Basset Hounds, Chauncey Billups & Priscilla Presley.


Shigeo James Iwamiya

Shigeo is the Director of Residence Life at Rutgers University Newark. Connect with him on twitter, @sjiwamiya.


Amy Jorgensen

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