Yesterday we shared with you the story of University of Lincoln student Tom Ridgewell, who took it upon himself to create a series of hilarious admissions videos for his university. Only problem? The videos include zombies, dinosaurs and a lecture on fire.

The videos have since gone viral garnering international attention and over 1 million views.

So how do you think the University responded to being spoofed by one of their own students?

This morning David Sleight, Dean of the Faculty of Media, Humanities & Technology, issued Higher Ed Live the following statement.

“Tom is a true creative talent, his take on the world is always witty, often humorous and sometimes completely irreverent. His following on the internet is astonishing in scale, he’s had something over 90 million hits for his work in just over four years – clearly he has found a major audience.

As producer of the University of Lincoln’s official TV adverts he is spoofing his own professor’s work – but I work on the basis that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! So long as he stays within bounds of public taste and decency he’s doing exactly what he needs to impress the media and creative industries, and I have no doubt he will secure future opportunities by being recognised for his work.”

Our hats are off to the University of Lincoln for having such a great sense of humor about the whole thing.


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Seth Odell

Founder and Advisor


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