How well do you know your alumni audience? We have access to a broad range of quantitative and qualitative research tools. These approaches can produce deep and actionable insights. Nailing down the key insights requires the right approach to the right questions.

On this episode of Advancement Live, we will talk through recent case studies. Each will illustrate how you can use research to answer questions about your alumni. Learn how this approach will help you make good decisions.


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Episode Host

Andrew Gossen

Andrew Gossen

Andrew is a social media strategist/social anthropologist with a strong alumni relations background who is interested in the intersection between community, communication, and technology. His goal is to capitalize on the opportunities offered by emerging technologies, mobile and social, to advance organizational goals by enhancing connectedness and engagement between constituents and organizations, as well as among the constituents themselves. Andrew has a strong track record of recognizing emerging opportunities, mobilizing support for pilot projects and integrating successful experiments into organizational structure and strategy.


Mike Hanus

Mike founded Constituent Research LLC in 2014, after extensive experience managing and conducting research projects for colleges, universities, graduate school programs, and higher education firms and organizations.

Mike has designed and conducted projects across the constituent lifecycle from prospective students to current students, alumni, and donors. His clients include the University of Chicago, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Columbia University, and Tufts University, as well as several education-focused organizations and firms.

Mike previously worked as a research analyst and then an associate in Slover Linett Strategies’ higher education practice. He has also worked at Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand as a benchmarking and survey analyst and as a senior adviser in statistics to the New Zealand government. He has also worked in research management in the health care, financial services, and public relations sectors in both Chicago and New York City.

Mike can be contacted at


Jennifer Cunningham

Jennifer is Assistant VP for Alumni Engagement at Lehigh University. Prior to joining Lehigh, Jennifer worked at her alma mater, Cornell, in a range of capacities, most of them involving data. Previously, she ran a copywriting and resume writing business in Seattle and worked at advertising agencies on accounts including Microsoft, MasterCard, AT&T Wireless and Loews Hotels.


Melissa Schipke

Melissa received a Bachelors of Science in Marketing and Bachelor of Arts in Advertising from Penn State University in 2009. From there, she launched her career at a Fortune 200 company as a sales manager with a focus on marketplace analytics. After graduating with a MBA from Rowan University in 2014, she went on to pursue a technology startup – Tassl, which helps institutions streamline non-giving focused engagement metrics using modern technologies.