This fall, we’re going to be thinking about the future on Advancement Live. For a strategic planning process to work, you need to focus on three things:

  • how your audience is changing,
  • how the world is changing,
  • and how to best position yourself to deliver results.

In this first episode in our 2027 series, we’re exploring alumni affairs. As we peer down the road and imagine our work ten years from now, we need to uncover the opportunities. We also need to know the challenges. We’ll discuss things we can stop doing and how we position our organizations now to thrive in the future.


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Episode Host

Andrew Gossen

Andrew Gossen

Andrew is a social media strategist/social anthropologist with a strong alumni relations background who is interested in the intersection between community, communication, and technology. His goal is to capitalize on the opportunities offered by emerging technologies, mobile and social, to advance organizational goals by enhancing connectedness and engagement between constituents and organizations, as well as among the constituents themselves. Andrew has a strong track record of recognizing emerging opportunities, mobilizing support for pilot projects and integrating successful experiments into organizational structure and strategy.


Donna H. MacPhee

Donna is the vice president for alumni relations and president of the Columbia Alumni Association (CAA). Donna earned her Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics and was one of the college’s first female graduates. She went on to earn an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business and then dedicated her career to entities related to professional athletics, including managing finances for various departments of the National Hockey League. Prior to returning to Columbia in 2008, she served as co-founder and managing director of Event Management Associates, providing event marketing and meeting planning services for a broad range of not-for-profit and corporate clients.

Donna was a member of the Columbia women’s varsity tennis team as an undergraduate and has remained involved in Columbia athletics over the years as an alumna, and co-founding the Women’s Leadership Council (WLC). In 2008, Donna was chosen as one of Columbia’s 25 most influential athletic alumnae.


Julie Sina

Julie became UCLA’s associate vice chancellor for alumni affairs in December 2013. In partnership with the UCLA Alumni Association Board, Julie has overseen the adoption of a new alumni engagement model that has refocused alumni activity around regional and international work, young alumni involvement, attention to affinity and diversity networks, the continuum from student recruitment to career development and closer ties to alumni efforts in the professional schools and college.

In addition to Alumni Affairs, Julie leads the advancement services division and serves as C.F.O. for the UCLA Foundation and UCLA Investment Company. Julie earned her Ph.D. at Virginia Tech. She’s worked with Virginia Tech, University of Florida, University of the Pacific, Iowa State and University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Follow her, @juliesina.



Duane Wiles has been associate vice president of alumni relations and the executive director of the Florida International University (FIU) Alumni Association since 2012. In this capacity, he plays a pivotal role in engaging FIU’s dynamic alumni community and realizing the university’s strategic vision for alumni affinity. He provides direction and oversight for all aspects of alumni relations and annual giving in partnership with the university president, university advancement leadership and leading alumni volunteers. This includes creating and implementing a strategic plan to strengthen the lifelong connections of FIU alumni through the development of new and enhanced programs.


Andrew Gossen

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