On last week’s AdvancementLive, Joe Lyons of the Cornell Annual Fund said that one of the trends he is following closely is the evolution of “mobile wallets”, tools that make it easy to make payments with a smartphone. The prospect of giving on cell phones has intrigued fundraising professionals since the Red Cross text-to-give campaign following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, but that success has been difficult to replicate. Technology pundits keep predicting that mobile payments are on the verge of taking off, but, as Jenna Wortham put it recently in the New York Times, “I’m still waiting for my phone to become my wallet.

Is giving on mobile devices ever going to make an impact on the bottom line for colleges and universities? What’s the most productive way for Advancement professionals to think about the intersection of their fundraising efforts and the mobile web? In this show, originally aired on July 30, 2013, AdvancementLive Host Andrew Gossen discussed these and other questions with Brent Grinna of EverTrue, Keith Hannon of Cornell Alumni Affairs & Development, and Steve Rittler of CounterMarch Systems.


Andrew Gossen

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